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Hapa Spa has been featured by the following media:

Media Section Issue
Television Program    
Station 5, Channel 5 Hapa Spa & Salon 10.35-11.00am 29 Dec 08
UBC Destination Thailand, Channel 21 Interviewed Ms. Chitladda D. 29 Nov 08
  Spa & Salon Treatments and programs  
UBC Surprise Program Run through out the month Dec 2008
Station 5, Channel 5 Spa Treatments Oct 2008
Healthy Center Dao Ka Jai 2008
True UBC Channel Presenter Link Feb 08
True UBC Channel Privilege Program Nov 07
Hongkong Program By Roger Wu 2007
True UBC Channel UBC E-Magazine Oct 07
Thailand Outlook channel Outlook Program


The Nation Channel Nina's Weekend   May 06
TV. Channel 5 Spa Variety 5.30pm Oct 06
Bangkok Gossip TV Ch.3 News (12.15pm) Mar 05
UBC Inside UBC 17 News (12.00pm) Mar 05
International Magazine    
Thai Spa : Thailand Tatler Day Spa Yearly 2008
Roger's Bangkok Bible Spa  Yearly 2008
Thai In Time Spa Yearly 2008
Roger's Bangkok Super Spa  Yearly 2007
Thai In Time Spa

yearly 2007

Incredible Thailand Wellness & Spa Dec 2006
Sudsapda Magazine Beauty Secret Mar 08
Emporium Magazine Exclusive Privilege Mar 2008
Lookeast Magazine Doing Spa Feb 2008
Home & Decor (Special Edition) Spa Home 2008
Relax Spa Design Day Spa 2007
Siamese Guide Spa Editorial Dec 2007
Lookeast Magazine Spa Dec 2007
Bangkok 101 Magazine Health & Wellness Dec 2007
Praw Beauty Secret June 2007
Siamese Dinning Out by Tony Simpson

Oct 06

Lips Magazine A Fusion of Health & Beauty June 2006
Traveller & Entertaining SEC Group 2006
Siamese Magazine People Apr 06
GM Magazine Vol 19 Mar 2006
Her World Magazine Talk Shop 2005
Front Magazine Beauty Aug 05
Elle Magazine Beauty June 05
Slimming Magazine Beayty & Spa June 05
Hisoparty.com Magazine Society (Beauty) June 05
Seventeen Magazine Society (Beauty) June 05
Anywhere Magazine OAHU...Hawaii Remix Vol.3 May 05
Image Magazine Image Classify May 05
Hair & Beauty Studio Magazine Event May 05
Mars Magazine Social News May 05
Priew Magazine Spa Scoop May 05
Slimming Magazine Event May 05
Day Beds Magazine Day Relax Apr 05
Women Magazine The Scene Apr 05
Living Etc Magazine New Places Mar 05
Daco Magazine (Japaness Magazine) New Open April 05
Hair Magazine Tried & Tested Mar 05
Honeymoon Magazine Spa Feb 05
I do Magazinee Health & Beauty Feb 05  
Proud Magazine Spa  Feb 05
Flavor Spa  Feb 05  
Flavor All Around   Feb 05  
Bangkok Post Newspaper Real Time Spa Aug 05
Krungthep Turakij (Sunday Issue Online) Beauty & Spa July 05
Krungthep Turakij Newspaper (Sunday Issue) Beauty June 05
Khungthep Turakij Biz Week Newspaper Rich & Risk Apr 05
Naewna Newspaper Women (Interview) Apr 05
Khaosod Newspaper waemachai Apr 05
Maya Channel Newspaper Variety Apr 05
Naewna Newspaper Women (Interview) Apr 05
The Nation Newspaper Trends (Scoop) Mar 05
Post Today Newspaper Magazine Mar 05
Business Thai Newspaper Marketing (Scoop) Mar 05
Bangkok Today Newspaper Spa Mar 05
Prachachat Turakij Newspaper Social News Mar 05
Post Tody Newspaper Magazine (Tea) Mar 05
Hair Magazine Tried & Tested Mar 05
Siam Turakij Newspaper Shop-Shop-Shop Mar 05
Komchadlue Newspaper Social News   Feb 05  
Thai Post Newspaper Business-Service  Feb 05  
Banglok Today Newspaper Calendars News Feb 05
Krungthep Turakij Newspaper Business Scene Feb 05
Krungthep Turakij Newspaper Relation Organization Feb 05
Siamrath Newspaper Social News Feb 05
Manager Weekly Newspaper Marketing Feb 05
Khaosod Newspaper Beauty Jan 05
Sudsapda Magazine Online www.sudsapda.com/SudSapDa2007/beauty.aspx Mar 08
Naewna Online www.naewna.co.th/womensat 16Apr05 Apr 05
Manager Online www.manager.co.th/metrolife(event) Mar 05
The Nation Online www.nation.com./entertainment Mar 05
Hisoparty.Com Party & Events Feb 05
Sanook.Com Woman(What’s on) Feb 05

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