Firm your Body at hapa


Slimming + Firming Body Massage 60 min 1,600 THB

For the requirement of the presence of aesthetics. It aids those on slimming and contouring effects. This treatment utilizes the slimming massage method; a manual cellulite massage technique, that helps improve the appearance of unsightly bulges. Indulge in a soft, light touch with an active base oil, followed by a cellulite buster essential oils, offers you a slimmer appearance.


Bust Firming Massage 40 1,000

Bust nourishing & firming massage to help improve the elasticity and firmness of the bust and body tissues.
The circular massage movements from sides toward the center of the chest & body and from the abdomen towards the chin.


We are only using 100% pure natural essential oils like:
Grapefruit Sweet Basil Ginger
Black pepper Lemon Lime
Orange Rosemary Peppermint
Patchouli Juniper Berry Fennel
these provide all benefits for weight reduction, indigestion, high cholesterol, stomach cramps, boosts immune system, stomach ulcers, or poor circulation.