The effect of Ultrasonic Bubbles

        Heat penetration – promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue.

In water, ultrasonic bubbles are transmitted 5-6 times faster than the speed of sound; when they come into rapid contact with interfaces of varying expansion factor, the ultrasound energy is converted into heat energy. Hence, when one is submerged in an ultrasonic bubble bath for 10 minutes, this heat energy can penetrate into the body. The internal warming effect on the body works from inside out; just like cooking eggs in a hot spring, the egg yolk would be cooked first, followed by the egg white and finally, the shell.

        Comparatively, in a normal hot bath, it takes about 90 minutes for the heat to penetrate the body right to the bones, and the temperature has to be high at 42oC. The heat is transmitted from outside in, like cooking eggs in a pot, where the shell would be cooked first, followed by the egg white and then the egg yolk. However, prolonged and continual use of very hot baths can cause fainting spells and is harmful to health.

hapa Hydrotherapy Aroma Milk Bath

40 min 1200 THB
Pain Relief
Hydrotherapy is proven to be a highly effective form of natural therapy which works by stimulating the endorphins which in turn helps you to control pain and muscular tension. The strong flow and rhythmic pressure of ultrasonic bubble waves has a massaging effect on 320 pressure points found on our body.

Weight Loss
Every second of ultrasonic waves generates about 10,000 – 15,000 micro-vibrations, i.e. every cm of the skin is subjected to 15 kg of pressure, which has an effect equivalent to high quality exercise (according to expert estimates, the effect of 15 minutes of ultrasonic wave bath is equivalent to that of a 3 km jog).

Sexual Life
Regular use of the ultrasonic wave bath aids in stimulating and strengthening the physiological system, thereby enhancing the sexual life of married couples.

Your blood flow takes oxygen and nourishment to all your cells and tissues. When working correctly, this forms the basis of a healthy life. Good circulation also brings the benefit of good lymph drainage which helps to clear the body of toxins.

Immune System
Detoxing regularly, leads to a stronger immune system which is able to cope with controlling viruses, bacteria and infections. Your immune system is your internal police force and when working efficiently, helps you overcome minor infections ranging from the common cold right up to deadly diseases.

Complexion - the hydrobath helps to regulate your body's temperature control by improving the efficiency of your perspiration glands. This releases the toxins from your body and leaves you with a healthy glowing complexion. If you look better you will feel better. The oxygen flow is increased by the effect of the bubbles and this activity can also help reduce fluid retention and even have a dramatic effect on other ailments such as cellulite. Any natural treatment that can help you to revitalise and de-stress, without producing the detrimental side effects of some of today's modern drugs has got to be the way forward.

The ultrasonic wave machine releases a huge quantity of ozone every second, producing strong ultrasonic waves that vibrate and transmit through the water, penetrating the skin’s subcutaneous tissue and cleansing the pores. This allows cells to breathe better, helps the body to discharge its waste products, thereby improving metabolism and contributing to beauty and body shaping effects for the body. A 15-minute bath daily, coupled with targeted massaging of the breasts will strengthen collagen and elastic fiber in that area, resulting in the breasts becoming full and attractive.

What happens to you during Hydrotherapy?
When you are in pain or under stress, chemical changes in your body can cause the blood pressure and pulse rate to increase, Having regular hydrotherapy treatments can help you to reduce these symptoms by relieving swollen joints and slowing down the process of stress reaction. This will help you to relax and unwind, which is easier for you, helping you to deal with your pain.