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Front of Hapa
          Located in the heart of Bangkok, "Hapa" is a full-service beauty parlor for health- and beauty-conscious individuals. Hapa presents a modern and luxurious look, boasted the richness of arts and advanced technology and accentuated by a serene ambience reflected through deep shades of purple, white, brown, and grey. At Hapa, all patrons are ensured to experience harmony of the body and soul, as well as indulgent pampering through a wide selection of natural therapy and treatments from head to toe.

  Hapa Aromatherapy Massage

          A unique style of massage that combines oriental Shiatsu with western Swedish massage techniques, using only 100% pure natural essential and carrier oil which are all imported and certificated from France, Italy, Spain, America, and Australia. Selection of carrier oils for your skin type benefits 60 or 90 minutes

  Body Mask

          Using natural and highly organic ingredients that are nourishing to the skin and giving your body a radiant, silky and healthy glow it deserves.
  • Herbal Mask (60 minutes)
  • Chocolate Mask (60 minutes)

  Body Massage and Treatment

Tea's Room
          An esthetic massage and the manual Japanese Shiatsu, Qi treatment will render all the energy to both body and mind.
  • Exfoliating Body Massage (60 minutes)
  • Luxury Body Massage & Treatment (60 minutes)

  Facial Massage and Treatment

Special Facibilities
          Qi facial therapy suit to all skins include deep cleaning, facial, neck, d?collet?, upper back, and arms massage, covering specialized beauty mask.
  • Sensitive Facial Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Extra Nourishing Facial Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Balancing Combination Skin Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Whitening & Rejuvenating Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Active& Energizing Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Ultra Oil Control Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Thermal Treatment (90 minutes)Food Corner

  Hapa Facilities

Hapa Spa
  • Hydrotherapy Aromatic Milk Bath (30 minutes)
  • Infrared Thermal Sauna (30 minutes)

  Infrared Sauna

Hapa Spa
          Why infrared sauna? It is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough based on state-of-the-art technology originally developed by NASA.
          Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Burns 600-900 calories in 30 mins
  • Dissolves toxin-storing fat through perspiration
  • Conditions the cardiovascular system

  Tea Bar

Hapa Spa
          Thailand 's first-ever tea bar that offers a variety of fine, organic and awarded tea from all over the world. Where you can find the hospitality without caring the difference among people, nothing is more symbolic at Hapa hospitality than the tradition of tea. Please Come in and sit down, take a couple of Tea or Coffee and keep watching the surrounding. We are glad to serve you.

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