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Feel at home from the moment you walk through our unique circle shaped door. You will feel the difference.

Hapa Spa is 10 years-old now. And we’ve special packages for celebrate this include Hot oil, Body scrub and facial massage. please check This promotion for more service details.

Spa Service

Royal Thai Massage

An ancient form of massage unique to Thailand using deep issue, pressure point and stretching techniques
to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness. the massage helps maintain health and wellness which is recommended for those who prefer a firm Thai massage. We have Thai massage sukhumvit Bangkok.

Salon Service

Salon Service

Hapa offers a fantastic, hand-picked team of hair stylists and nail technicians that provide a full-service experience to our varied clientele. We have salon sukhumvit Bangkok.

Food Service&Guide

New section Food service&guide!

We just add more information of Hapa Spa! We’ve new food service to serve delicious meal you. And nearby attractions  for you sukhumvit road in Bangkok.

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About Hapa Company
with over 15 years of experience in beauty industry we are committed to bring you the best in quality and customer satisfy experience. We understand how important it is to have quality spa equipments and the right furniture to persuade the customers coming back. We have service spa sukhumvit Bangkok, beauty salon sukhumvit Bangkok and Thai massage sukhumvit Bangkok with your.

Hapa Spa was established by Ms. Chitladda Damrastharm 6 years ago in the heart of Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand.
Ms. Damrastharm who is truly passionate about her spa business and has a strong belief in the wide range of health benefits that massage therapy can provide, has contributed significantly to the success of Hapa Spa and Salon, and the spa is now known widely among spa lovers and health-conscious people in Bangkok, Thailand and abroad.

Recently Hapa Company Limited, a leading spa Bangkok in Thailand, has diversified into the following three new areas based on its extensive experience and outstanding business connections: (i) a spa consultancy company, which will focus on spa start-up projects and spa management, (ii) a spa products supplier, and (iii) spa staff provider. Tell us your requirements and we could help you find the right person for you.

In terms of hiring workers, if you are searching for the right staff for your new or existing spa, Hapa Company can assist you in recruiting the best therapists, those with the highest standards of technique, as well as other spa staff with the relevant knowledge and customer service experience.

With our 15 years of experience in spa and beauty industry Hapa Company provides a variety of spa management and consultancy solutions ensuring a seamless entry to the spa industry. Also we provide a range of spa and salon products under the Hapa brand or under your own unique brand. We provide service spa Bangkok Sukhumvit, beauty salon Bangkok Sukhumvit and Thai massage Sukhumvit Bangkok for your partner.