Hapa Facial Treatment
Every face-care service at Hapa is offered based on specific type of skin. We use Qi’s specialized products plus gentle massage and point-acupuncture helping you restore the balance of mental and physical health, producing a new vitality for your skin. 
Our facial treatment includes deep cleaning skin, facial neck, decollete, upper back, and arm massage, covering specialized beauty masks.
Hapa Facial Treatment & Massage 60 min 1,600 THB


Pampering your face with 8 steps treatment of Hapa Facial Treatment and Massage

  1. Deep cleansing with hot mineral steam & cleansing cream
  2. Hot mineral steam & cleansing gel scrub
  3. Hot mineral steam & Facial Foam
  4. Hot mineral stream & Vacuum pimple
  5. Facial massage with Jojoba organic cream with lavender scent (from USA)
  6. Brightening your face with White clay mask
  7. Nourishing your face with facial essence
  8. Protecting your face with Shiseido sun protect