Welcome to Spa Consultant Thailand and Massage have Spas experience a Fusion of Beauty in Bangkok Spas.

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Spa Consultant Business

 Hapa Company provides a variety of spa management and consultancy solutions ensuring a seamless entry to
the spa industry. The company also provides a range of spa and salon products under the Hapa brand or under
your own unique brand.

     We offer the following plans for your business with uncompromised quality and service to ensure that your spa
start up operates smoothly:
     • Spa planning and development
     • Spa concept and theme
     • Spa business feasibility study and financial planning
     • Spa operation systems and flow chart
     • Spa marketing and public relations techniques
     • Spa staff training guideline and developing staff standard
     • Spa staff recruitment and placement
     • Spa customer service standards
     • Spa treatment development and technique
     • Spa products development and purchasing
     • Spa product and treatment sales and up sale training skills
     • Spa minimizing operation cost and negotiation skills
     • Spa customer record and database management

     With proper planning, Hapa Company can ensure your spa start up has the unique concept, treatments, systems
and standards in place to guarantee the successful operation of your business with the highest customer satisfaction.


Welcome to Spa Consultant Thailand and Massage by Hapa Spas Bangkok, Spas experience a Fusion of Bangkok Thai Spas.