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Spa Franchise by Hapa Spa

Hapa Spa was established by Ms. Chitladda Damrastharm 6 years ago in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Damrastharm who is truly passionate about her spa business and has a strong belief in the wide range of health benefits that massage therapy can provide, has contributed significantly to the success of Hapa Spa and Salon, and the spa is now known widely among spa lovers and health-conscious people in Thailand and abroad.

In order to build upon the success of the Hapa brand and to help the spa provide high quality spa services throughout Thailand and the world, Hapa is now offering a franchise arrangement to potential spa operators; those who are committed to providing the highest quality of treatment to their customers.

First, and in order to reassure you of the quality and profile of the Hapa Spa brand, we would like to let you know about the following projects Hapa Spa have successfully developed and currently have been working on:

1. We have successfully developed a ‘Chill Spa’ for the Royal Ascot 5 star hotel in Dubai, so successfully in fact, that it has now expanded to cover another whole floor of the hotel.
2. We have another two spa projects in the Media city and Sacha areas of Dubai.
3. We are expanding in order to develop an aesthetics-beauty project in Dubai, building upon the success of our aesthetics-beauty business in Thailand.
4. We are in the process of setting up Hapa Company in Milan, Italy, using our Hapa Spa Italy franchise, and hope to open the spa this September, 2009.
5. We have recruited the best spa staffs to many countries around the world including as below countries
    5.1. Dubai
    5.2. Milan
    5.3. Finland
    5.4. Austria
    5.5. Czech Republic
    5.6. South Africa
    5.7. Saudi Arabia
    5.8. Malaysia
    5.9. Singapore and etc.

Hapa’s main objective is to provide a spa franchise that duplicates our successful spa business model and ensures that you achieve business success. With our highly qualified and experienced spa management team, support staff, therapists, training program and full range of spa products, these objectives can be achieved.

The Franchise Agreement: What it Includes

The Hapa Spa Franchise Agreement will include the following:

The Hapa Spa Sign and Logo
Hapa Spa Brochure and Promotional Material: [xx] copies
Hapa Equipment & Accessories: for a maximum of [xx] treatment rooms, including massage beds, bed sheets, towels, bath robes, slippers and other treatment accessories
Therapist Uniforms: [xx] sets

A Hapa Operations Package which includes:
- Location Survey and selection
- Standard Spa Design & Interior Design
- Budgeting Tools and Guidelines
- Marketing Package
- Standard Spa Accessories and Spa Products
- Organizational Design and Planning
- Recruitment of Management Staff and Therapists
- Spa Menu Design
- Preparation for Spa Opening
- Performance Evaluation Spa Music CD

The Hapa Spa Training Program which covers:
- A Spa Manager Program for [1] person
- The Training of [15] Therapists
- Front Desk Operations Training
- Knowledge of Hapa Products and Services
Quality Inspections: 4 times a year

The Franchise Agreement: Terms and Conditions

For a discussion about the terms and conditions available under a Hapa Spa Franchise Agreement, please contact us at the Hapa Spa management team, when we will be happy to discuss your unique requirements and come up with an agreement to suit your needs. Call us or send us an e-mail using the contact details below.

Why Choose a Franchise Agreement ?

There are several good reasons why you should choose a Hapa Franchise Agreement

• Management Experience: With 15 years experience in the spa business environment Hapa can provide you with the benefit of extensive experience managing spas in a competitive and challenging environment in Thailand, so reducing the risk for you as you start on your big venture!
• Customer Service: Our well trained and experienced staff will enable you to launch your business with total confidence, and you will be able depend on Hapa Spa as a reliable business partner into the future, working together to achieve the common goals of success and profitability.
• Products and Product Development: Hapa Spa can provide your spa with high quality spa products, products that will enhance the customer experience and deliver total satisfaction. Note that Hapa Spa is fully committed to developing and manufacturing products that meet the highest quality standards.
• Brand Strength: Hapa is recognized as a high quality spa brand in Thailand, a country which is rightly proud of its spa and beauty industry, and a destination for people from around the world when wishing to relax and unwind. For those abroad, then with the Hapa brand you can have a piece of Thailand in your own country!

Interested in a Franchise Agreement?

If you are looking to set up a spa either in Thailand or abroad, and you are interested in utilizing a Hapa Spa Franchise Agreement, feel free to contact the management team here at Hapa for more details:




Last update on 31-May-2010

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