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Spa Recuritment by Hapa Spa

Recently Hapa Company Limited, a leading spa in Thailand, has diversified into the following three new areas based on its extensive experience and outstanding business connections: (i) a spa consultancy company, which will focus on spa start-up projects and spa management, (ii) a spa products supplier, and (iii) a spa staff and general business recruitment agency. Whatever your requirements, we have the solution for you.

First, and in order to reassure you of the quality and profile of the Hapa Spa brand, we would like to let you know about the following projects Hapa Spa have successfully developed and currently have been working on:

1. We have successfully developed a ‘Chill Spa’ for the Royal Ascot 5 star hotel in Dubai, so successfully in fact, that it has now expanded to cover another whole floor of the hotel.
2. We have another two spa projects in the Media city and Sacha areas of Dubai.
3. We are expanding in order to develop an aesthetics-beauty project in Dubai, building upon the success of our aesthetics-beauty business in Thailand.
4. We are in the process of setting up Hapa Company in Milan, Italy, using our Hapa Spa Italy franchise, and hope to open the spa this September, 2009.
5. We have recruited the best spa staffs to many countries around the world including as below countries
    5.1. Dubai
    5.2. Milan
    5.3. Finland
    5.4. Austria
    5.5. Czech Republic
    5.6. South Africa
    5.7. Saudi Arabia
    5.8. Malaysia
    5.9. Singapore and etc.

In terms of recruitment, if you are searching for the right staff for your new or existing spa, Hapa Company can assist you in recruiting the best therapists, those with the highest standards of technique, as well as other spa staff with the relevant knowledge and customer service experience.

Our well trained and experienced consultancy staff will help you to launch your business with total confidence, providing the following services:

      • Staff Structure: We can assist you in deciding upon the most appropriate staff structure and profile for your business, including the number and type of therapists, spa receptionists, management assistants, spa manager and office staff, as well as any other staff you require, all based on an agreement of the most appropriate salary levels.

      • Staff Responsibilities: Once your staff profile is agreed, we can work with you to design and agree the basic organization structure of your business; the roles and responsibilities of your staff, their job descriptions and work procedures, all based upon the agreed salary levels and in accordance with both market standards and your location’s national legal requirements.

     • Staff Recruitment: After you provide us with copies of the staff contracts, covering staff benefits, welfare and basic staff rules and regulations, we will assist you in recruiting the best staff, arranging and carrying out the interviews and sending cv profiles to you for your approval.

      • Staff Training: After your approval and when the right staff have been recruited, we will carry out a standard training program in Thailand before sending them to work with you, or if you prefer, we can train them on-site at your business location; we can arrange this according to your preference because we know that training is critical for your business. You need your staff to understand your company’s mission and brand, and then you need us to train them to be able to match your expectations in terms of the quality of spa treatment, the level of customer service, as well as maintenance of the spa’s appearance and atmosphere.

So, if you are looking for the right spa staff, you can rely on Hapa Company to be a top-class spa staff recruitment consultant, working together with you and your spa to recruit the staff who will enable you to carry out the perfect treatments, massage techniques, and any other tasks required in order to rejuvenate your customers' mind and body, leaving them both relaxed and feeling energized.

With the right planning, recruitment and training, Hapa Company can ensure your spa has the highest standard of staff, staff who will guarantee the success of your business and enable you to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Remember, if the customers leave your spa feeling totally rejuvenated in body and in mind, they will definitely come back again; becoming your most loyal customers.


Last update on 31-May-2010

Welcome to Spa Recuritment Thailand and Massage by Hapa Spa, Spas experience a Fusion of Bangkok Thai Spas.